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Rec Room

  • Before: This basement was a nightmare: stacks of unopened boxes from a previous move, old
    electronics, sports equipment, and furniture heaped in a pile. The electrical panel was blocked. The
    homeowner felt overwhelmed and discouraged.
  • After: Catherine’s team grouped all the items into categories. This helped the homeowner see exactly
    what he owned and helped with the decision-making process: keep, sell, donate, recycle, or trash.
    With excess items reduced and relocated, Catherine’s team created this cozy rec room.


  • Before: This staff kitchenette had a lot of unnecessary items taking up valuable space. Staff members
    had no place to store personal items. Clients could walk by and see the mess.
  • After: By condensing and relocating supplies to appropriate rooms, Organized by Catherine was able to
    increase the amount of usable space, giving each staff member storage space for their belongings. This
    previously disorganized space now accommodates 12 staff and looks professional.


  • Before: This garage had a huge pile of boxes, chemicals, tools, equipment, and old electronics heaped in
    a pile on the floor. There was no space to park or store garbage bins. The homeowner didn’t have time
    to tackle this project and was feeling stressed.
  • After: Catherine’s team grouped all the items into categories. This helped the homeowner make
    decisions about what to keep, sell, donate, recycle, and trash. To maximize space, shelving was
    suspended from the ceiling and tools are stored on the wall.


  • Before: This messy workspace was shared by a busy team. It lacked a filing system and the stacks of
    paper were out of control. The team had trouble locating important documents.
  • After: By creating an easy-to-use filing system and two, distinct workstations the owners are more
    productive and now enjoy working here.

Organized Moves

  • Organized by Catherine was hired to unpack and organize this house following a move. Using only the
    client’s items, our team created this home office with two workstations, a reading nook, bookshelves,
    and storage for office supplies. The client was thrilled with how quickly this transformation was



These junk drawers were an out of control jumble of knick knacks, office supplies, and cords. The
homeowner rarely used these drawers because it was easier to buy the item rather than find it. We
removed items that were no longer needed, relocated items, and categorized the important items in
clear, drawer dividers. Now everything is easy to find and the homeowner saves money by not
purchasing duplicates.

Office 2

  • Before: This office had paperwork piled on the floor and a partially blocked filing cabinet. The white
    board was not in the best location. Family photos and momentoes cluttered the workspace.
  • After: Filing cabinets were rearranged to create an entire wall of filing. Photos now have a dedicated
    display space. A floating shelf was added for momentoes freeing up space on the desk.

Under the Sink 

  • Before: This area under the sink was a mess of cleaning supplies. Items at the back were difficult to
  • After: The addition of two-tier metal storage racks with pull out baskets doubles the storage space and
    makes reaching everything a breeze! A drip mat catches spills from the organic bin and protects the
    floor in the event of a leak.

Home Office

  • This home office had become chaotic due to piles of unfinished projects on the floor and covering every
    worksurface. Sorting everything into categories helped the owner make practical decisions about what
    to keep, donate, shred, recycle and trash. This organized space now has a sense of calm.

Outdoor Improvements

  • This For Sale property looked neglected with plenty of weeds. In only a few hours all the weeds were
    removed giving the home improved curb appeal and a higher resale value.


  • This storage area was used by several tenants. Supplies were difficult to locate in the messy heap of
    boxes. By condensing the necessary supplies, and removing items that were no longer needed, extra
    space was created and stored items can be safely accessed.

Closet Organization

  • This closet was underutilized due to the lack of shelving. We removed the door for ease of access and
    added shelving to maximize space. This shelving can be adjusted to accommodate larger items.

Basement Before

Basement After

Office Organization Needed!

A workplace saved!


Organized by Catherine was able to take this basement and…..


… give back a room that can be lived in!



What services do you provide?

I organize paperwork, home offices, small businesses, kitchens, closets, garages and storage areas. I help manage moves. If your job is large I may suggest the services of my team. I will coordinate with your real estate agent, contractor, or junk remover.

What do your services cost?

I offer a $40 in-person consultation to see the space you want organized. Following the consultation, I will provide you a no obligation quote.

Ask me about payment plans and cost saving options. I am willing to work within your budget.

I've never hired a Professional Organizer before. What can I expect?

The organizing process involves sorting through your items one by one, and deciding what to keep, donate, sell, recycle or trash. You can be as hands on or off as you like, but I need you available during each session, to make decisions and answer questions periodically.

In a typical session the first hour or so is spent sorting everything in the space into categories, so that we can get a sense of the volume and type of stuff you have. Then I’ll walk you through each category and we’ll discuss what you would like to keep, donate, throw away, shred or recycle. I will never throw away anything without your permission. We’ll repeat this process until the entire space is complete. Once we know which items you’re keeping, I’ll create a plan to store them so that they’re easy for you to access. Everything you keep will have a dedicated home.

What supplies will I need to buy?

I am a big fan of reusing and repurposing your own containers and shelving whenever possible. Should we determine that you require boxes, bins or shelving I can provide you a shopping list or I can pick up the items on your behalf.

What hours do you work?

I am available Monday to Friday during the day and on weekends by appointment.


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