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Home Offices

  • Create easy-to-use filing systems
  • Sort and file paperwork
  • Declutter and organize desks, shelving and closets
  • Furniture arrangement
  • Install closet organizers

Home organization

  • Installation of closet organizers
  • Kitchens: Maximize space in cupboards and pantries
  • Garages:  Declutter and organize storage
  • Basements:  Declutter and organize storage, create usable space
  • Home Offices:  Organize paperwork and declutter space
  • Moving Services:  Packing and unpacking, organize rooms at new home



  • Selling a Home
    • Declutter rooms and tidy space prior to selling
    • Professional packing with inventory of boxes
    • Yard Improvements (weeding, trimming, planting)
  • Move-In Services
    • Unpack Boxes
    • Room Set-up 
    • Organize kitchen and other high priority rooms
    • Install closet organizers



  • Create easy-to-use filing systems
  • Sort and file paperwork
  • Declutter and organize desks and storage areas


  • Organize storage rooms
  • Organize inventory storage
  • Create operating procedures
  • Organize reception desks and waiting areas
  • Create filing systems
  • Sort and organize paperwork


  • Organize storage
  • Create filing systems
  • Declutter and organize office space

 the Process

How It Works…1,2,3

Step 1: Sorting

Sorting is the first step in the organizing process.

The purpose of the sorting process is to determine the quantity of items you have.

A major component of the sorting process is grouping like things together.


Step 2: Purging

The next step in the organizing process is purging. Only you can decide whether something is worth keeping.

I help by presenting you groups of like things and guiding you through the decision-making process.

Together we will divide all your items into the following categories: keep, toss, donate, recycle, and sell.


Step 3: Finding a Home

Everything needs a home in which to “live” and your possessions are no exception.

Now that the items have been sorted and you have eliminated everything you no longer need; the next step is to assign a home to every item you intend to keep.

We will select the most suitable, logical, and convenient place for those items to be stored.


From Catherine

I am committed to your success

Organized by Catherine grew from my passion for organizing spaces.  When I walk into a cluttered, disorganized space, be it a home or a business, my mind immediately thinks of solutions to improve it…

Is the furniture wrong for traffic flow?  Is the reception desk overrun by paperwork?   Is the space warm and welcoming or is it chaotic and energy draining?   What is the space lacking?  What would be the first thing I would change? 

Welcome to the mind of a professional organizer!


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