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Stress Relief

Just sitting in a cluttered room can create stress. Whether you conceptualize this in Feng Shui terms such as ‘stagnant chi’, in cerebral terms as too much information for the eye to process, or in practical terms as a visual reminder of how much work you have to do to get your space organized, you probably already know that mess means stress. Living and working in a cluttered environment can create constant low-grade stress and subtly but steadily drain your energy.

Being in a space characterized by order, tranquility, and a physical manifestation of your tastes, can soothe you and help release stress. Let’s transform your space into an environment that won’t stress you out.

Improved Storage

Most spaces fail due to a lack of storage.  This is why horizontal surfaces, such as the floor and desks tend to accumulate piles of stuff, especially boxes and paperwork.  Every item that enters your space requires a temporary landing spot and a more permanent, defined space for storage.

Whether you require a plan for incoming paperwork, a new filing system, the installation of closet organizers, or just ideas to keep stuff off the floor, there are options to fit your space and budget.  Great storage maximizes space to its full potential and saves you time that would otherwise be wasted spent looking for important documents, inventory and supplies.

Reduced Anxiety

A chaotic environment is directly related to chaotic state of mind.   When a space is out of order, it can cause people to feel scattered and anxious. While clutter is overwhelming to your senses and emotional health, tidying and organizing have actually been proven to reduce anxiety.  Let’s transform your space into a welcoming environment, one that is better for your health.

Optimize Space

Furniture and storage define how a space gets used.  Poor placement of furniture and insufficient storage hinder your ability to use all of your available space, ultimately decreasing the amount of square footage in your home or business.

The amount of functional space in any room can be increased by properly arranging the furniture for traffic flow and adding storage units that suit your individual needs.  Not only is optimized space more aesthetically pleasing, it increases your amount of functional square footage without having to move to a larger space.

Save Money

When we don’t have financial papers organized, bills can get lost, customer’s information goes missing, and bookkeeping and accounting costs increase.   Replacing lost items and buying duplicates of those we didn’t realize we already had can also carry a cost that adds up quickly.  Stop the insanity!   Let’s organize your paperwork and supplies so that every item has a home, no information or supplies go missing, and you minimize the amount of money spent on bookkeeping and an accountant.

Boost Productivity

Clutter around you actually competes for your attention, which tends to affect your ability to focus and process information. A tidy, organized environment is less distracting and can even enhance concentration. Whether you’re at the office or working at home, a clutter-free environment allows you the mental clarity to get more accomplished in less time.

Save Time

People often think of clutter as an energy drain, but it also drains us of our time. How? People in cluttered homes and businesses spend extra time, virtually every day, looking for lost items, such as important documents, keys, cell phones, credit cards, tools, etc.  Even when you’re looking right at the lost item, it becomes difficult to see when surrounded by clutter. And the extra time it takes to search through the mess adds up quickly.

Let’s give you back that time by eliminating clutter and coming up with the solution to put everything in a dedicated home so it’s quick and easy to find.

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Relieve stress and return to a sense of calm by transforming messy, chaotic places into organized space you will love.



  • Create easy-to-use filing systems
  • Sort and file paperwork
  • Declutter and organize desks, shelving and closets
  • Furniture arrangement
  • Install closet organizer

Home organization

  • Installation of closet organizers
  • Kitchens: Maximize space in cupboards and pantries
  • Garages:  Declutter and organize storage
  • Basements:  Declutter and organize storage, create usable space
  • Home Offices:  Organize paperwork and declutter space
  • Moving Services:  Packing and unpacking, organize rooms at new home

moving services

Selling a Home

  • Declutter rooms and tidy space prior to selling
  • Professional packing with inventory of boxes
  • Yard Improvements (weeding, trimming, planting)

Move-In Services

  • Unpack boxes
  • Room set up (arrange furniture, make beds)
  • Organize kitchen and other high priority rooms
  • Install closet organizers



  • Create easy-to-use filing systems
  • Sort and file paperwork
  • Declutter and organize desks, shelving and closets
  • Furniture arrangement
  • Install closet organizers


  • Organize storage rooms
  • Organize inventory storage
  • Create operating procedures
  • Organize reception desks and waiting areas
  • Create filing systems
  • Sort and organize paperwork


  • Organize storage
  • Create filing systems
  • Declutter and organize office space


Real Estate Recommendation

If you want to be more organized and have a stress-free environment, I highly recommend Organized by Catherine. Super organized, trustworthy and easy to deal with, we recommend Catherine to our friends, families and clients that find organization stressful or they are going through life changes.”

The Mullin Lloyd Team

Whitby, ON

Home Office Set Up

It was through Catherine’s work that I discovered systems and processes, the backbone of any successful business, are meaningless without the foundation needed to make them operate efficiently; a proper setup. Setup is as much physical as it is procedural. Now my home office is set up for success!”

Marla M.

Toronto, ON

Studio and Warehouse Organization

We recently moved our studio and warehouse to a new location. Everything was a disorganized mess. In just two days Catherine exceeded our expectations. She departmentalized our new facility. She was an absolute powerhouse. It would have taken us far longer to accomplish this. Catherine is a true business professional and I highly recommend her.

Y&G Construction

Ajax, ON

Business Organization

Catherine came to our store to observe our day to day operations and familiarize herself with our needs.   She took all that into consideration when designing our filing system.  Now everything has a purpose and a place to go.

Floor Boys

Oshawa, ON

Man Cave Clean-up

When my husband passed away I faced the daunting task of clearing out his “man cave”. It was a huge job that we got through thanks to Catherine‘s determination to find the floor and keep this project on track.

Hazel S.

Scarborough, ON

organized by catherine

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