Catherine is amazing. We have a home office which doubles as our daughter’s art studio. Catherine helped us create space for both my daughter and I to work in. She organized my daughter’s art projects and completed pieces with space to spare. Catherine is very quick and efficient. We are so happy with the results. Highly recommended!!!!

Barb K

I was overwhelmed at the thought of organizing 30+ years of personal and corporate paperwork. Thankfully Catherine, in her super-hero cape, arrived and brought order to the chaos. She quickly and efficiently reviewed and classified each and every document and was most helpful in waking us through what should be kept, recycled, or shredded. I now have Catherine on speed dial for all organizing needs.

Toni C

I can’t thank Catherine enough for the fabulous job she did organizing our kitchen and office. Years of clutter were dealt with quickly and efficiently and I am thrilled with the results. Next, the garage!

Dawn C

I absolutely love working with Catherine! She always thoroughly plans ahead, gladly accepts challenges, listens and supports, thinks on her feet, is brimming with ideas, and most importantly is super relatable and a true Organizing Professional. Highly recommend!!!

Colette K

Catherine’s work ethic is the way engaged, professional organizers help people declutter, purge and sell items to discover a clean space. Catherine helped mom go through boxes that had been sitting in the basement for 25+ years. Her knowledge on how to organize large quantities of items helped mom to decide what to sell, donate or purge without overwhelming her. Catherine’s patience, compassion and love for what she does shines while in her presence. I would HIGHLY recommend Catherine.

Simone B

Catherine is great to work with, professional and efficient. Highly recommend her when requiring organizing!

Naomi M

Last year Catherine organized our garage, this year she transformed our basement! I had so much overwhelming clutter and I didn’t know where to start. Catherine has an amazing system and within a day and 1/2 she had my storage room organized and my rec room ready to use! I can definitely recommend Catherine for all your organization needs.

Dana R

My daughter and I were looking for someone to help me de-clutter my home. Catherine’s name was found on the internet and she is located in the area where I live. An appointment was made and after speaking to her briefly I felt very confident that she could help me. After just 4 sessions a large burden was removed. The services she provided me were wonderful. I would highly recommend Catherine.

Kerrolyne Z

Catherine, It’s over six months since you came in and organized my home office! The best part? The systems you taught me are still working wonderfully. It is so nice to work in a clutter free environment. Keep being amazing!! Thank you!

Pat D

We are so happy with the work Catherine and her team did for us. Professional, prompt and hard working. Very respectful of our home and space. It was a pleasure to work with Organized by Catherine and we will not hesitate to recommend in the future. Thanks again!

Gaelan C

Catherine did an amazing job helping my boys clean the basement. I tried for years to get them clean up the basement to no avail. When Catherine came, she taught the boys how to keep the system intact and they are now doing a decent job to keep things organized. Thanks, Catherine.

Solly S

Catherine was a huge help! I would not hesitate to recommend her service or to hire her again. Thank you so much for all your help, Catherine!

Renee H

Organized By Catherine is one of the most professional and caring organizing services in Durham Region. Their attention to detail and helpful tips to getting and staying organized in you home or office is invaluable. I highly recommend Organized By Catherine for your personal or business spaces.

Sheldon I

Catherine did a fantastic job of organizing our back office storage room! Years and years of gathering event items, decorations, office supplies and much, much more created a very congested space, with little room for anything else, not to mention we couldn’t ever find anything! Catherine was so efficient in organizing all our items. What would have taken us weeks of time, she was able to complete in only two days and for a very reasonable price. She took complete care of everything from start to finish and was sure to include all staff in the sorting process. Thank you, Catherine. We now have a sorted and well organized storage space that we will be able to maintain and keep tidy 🙂

Nicole G

We had Catherine organize our work storage area. The time it would have taken our team to get this done, took Catherine much less time. She had us organized so the space was now usable and safe to mover around in. I can’t say enough about the service Organized By Catherine provides.

Andra T

Catherine organized what was our cluttered and chaotic office storage space at the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade. Catherine worked quickly and effectively and left us with a beautiful and organized space. She even carted off our unneeded items for donation and disposal. Thank you Catherine!!

Samanatha P

Catherine and myself are both members of the Professional Organizers of Canada. I have had great experiences working with Catherine in various homes helping owners pack their belongings and unpack their belongings. Catherine is extremely efficient and professional. She is great for taking the stress out of moving. I highly recommend her services.

Joanne R

Catherine’s help was invaluable when we moved after 30 years in one location. She helped to bring structure to our chaos. I would highly recommend Organized by Catherine.

William B

This was the best Christmas gift ever! I was given a gift certificate for Catherine’s services as a Christmas gift! We just recently moved and I was stressed about putting my craft room together! Catherine came over and put everything together in half a day! She has made my craft area functional and neat! We have other areas of our home that need some TLC and Catherine will be our ‘person’ to get things organized!

Claudine T

Catherine and her team were a pleasure to work with. They pay attention to every detail and use every skill possible to ensure space is being filled properly. Thank you!

Samuel S

I had Catherine help me get started on organizing my office / storage room last year. She is fast, efficient and is really great at helping you be objective about your “stuff”. She gave me some great ideas and strategies that have allowed me to move forward with my project on my own. Looking forward to having her back to help with other areas of the house.

Mandi F

Catherine is a joy to work with and takes her profession and craft very seriously. Not only is she courteous and pleasant, Catherine is also at her best using her creative skills to fully unlock the potential of the most unorganized of places. You cannot go wrong with being Organized by Catherine!


Catherine Davis saved my sanity! I was going nuts working in my home office. It was getting more and more unmanageable. Every time I got another piece of paper, I practically panicked as I had no idea where to put it. Catherine came in and saved the day. First she looked at my space and suggested I remove a few pieces, so I trusted her and we did. My sons were home and she mobilized them to pick up heavy furniture and put it elsewhere, but really, she did most of the moving. I like that she doens’t just give you advice, she DOES NOT LEAVE UNTIL IT IS DONE. She was with me for a longer than I expected, ensuring that when she left, my office was beautiful, calm, and a productive space again.

Getting my place sorted and losing all that clutter made me feel so much lighter. Lol – it felt better than losing weight! I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Catherine of Organized by Catherine!

Jackie B

Catherine Davis has converted me to the benefits of a professional organizer. I hired her to help me clean out my home office. It had become a “dump now, sort later” space, and I crowded myself out. In January 2019, I made a pledge to reclaim the space. Catherine came, cleared everything out, moved the furniture to optimize space and layout, and got to work. In two days she accomplished more than I could ever have on my own in six months. I use my improved office every day, and I know who to call for the next project!

Marla Mac

We’d love the opportunity to work with you too!